Carrion Crown: A Pathfinder Adventure


Bear witness to the mechanations of the Whispering Way and the rise of a tyrant as these unfortunate souls are bound together and drawn into an adventure that explores the wonders and horrors of this life… and the next.

Our hapless adventurers have stumbled upon a terrible evil besetting the people of Ravengro after arriving to lay to rest their dear friend Professor Petros Lorrimor. This malevolence seems to come from the haunted halls of the abandoned Harrowstone prison. Whether it is the work of the shadowy figures who they suspect slew the professor, or the restless dead within the walls it is hard to tell…. for now.

Here you will find the discoveries of the group and the importance they hold. From monsters, to sinister creatures, to friends new and old; within these pages lies the answers.

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Carrion Crown

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