Recommended Archetypes: Totem Warrior

Recommended Skills: Intimidate, Perception, and Survival.

Ustalav is a fairly civilized nation where barbarians are stigmatized for their lack of refinement and adherence to traditional values. Many hail from Kellid tribes to the north and east, further adding to the prejudice. Which stigma colored the other isn’t clear, but to most Ustalavs, Kellid and barbarian are synonymous words, and are often used as such.

The Graidmere swamp outside Karcau also hosts its own xenophobic communities of unpredictable swampfolk, born from interbreeding between Varisians and mysterious, marsh-dwelling Kellids.

Although Professor Lorrimor was a man of culture and academia, he nevertheless made many an acquaintance—and even a few friendships—with barbarians, especially when exploring and doing research in their native lands. Thus, wild warriors from locations as far-flung as the Lands of the Linnorm Kings and even the Mwangi Expanse may have a place in the late professor’s will.



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