Recommended Archetypes: Archivist, Detective and Magician.

Recommended Skills: Acrobatics, Bluff, Sense Motive and Stealth.

Much of Ustalav’s countryside consists of rural farms and tiny villages, but it also contains some of the largest urban centers on Lake Encarthan. The antiquarian archives in Ardis; noble courts and aristocratic intrigue in Caliphas; Karcau’s world famous opera; and other academies of theater, dance, comedy, and song all draw bards from across the Inner Sea region.

But even in rural areas, wandering performers, swindlers, and storytellers are common, and no Sczarni caravan is complete without someone to distract a mark while the rest of the crew lightens his purse.

In his travels abroad, Professor Lorrimor often sought out lorekeepers when conducting research, and had bardic contacts in nearly every city in the Inner Sea on the off chance he needed a social introduction while in town.



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