Blackvale Village

Nestled in a little valley is the small village of Blackvale. The buildings seem to have sprouted up around a large crypt in the very heart of the town.

The small town of Blackvale is home to the ancient, sacred crypt of a legendary knight. Sir Rhorick Isenveld, who lived during the time of the Whispering Tyrant, was interred here after death. An incredibly devout Paladin of the Lady of Graves, Isenveld was dedicated to wiping the scourge of undead off the face of Golarian. When he fell ill with an incurable plague, he had a mausoleum constructed to forever house whatever monstrosity he was afraid he would soon become. When it was finished, he sealed himself and activated the many traps, barriers and wards, as he went. Ever since, not a single soul has stepped foot inside.

While Paladins of Pharasma can often be found here paying homage to their fallen brother, Desna’s Paladins more often watch the roads and village to protect the pilgrims who come to see the grave.

Because it is a site of pilgrimage, Blackvale is more tolerant of non-humans than most, but it still has an ever-present sense of wariness towards those who might desecrate the crypt.


Blackvale Village

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