When hags trick members of other races into child-bearing unions, changelings are the result.
Most are unaware of the unnatural circumstances of their daughters’ birth.

Typically tall, slender, dark haired, and attractive, changelings otherwise resemble their fathers’ race. They are always female, and their mismatched colored eyes and abnormally pale skin hint at their true heritage. At puberty, changelings receive “the call,” a hypnotic spiritual voice that beckons them to travel and discover their true origins.

Changelings who ignore this call choose their own destiny; those who heed it discover their “mother” and may come into great power by transforming into hags themselves.


Those changelings whose origin is revealed in Ustalav will encounter hatred and fear from those around them. Prone as they are to succumbing to the call of their evil ancestry, townsfolk will not hesitate to take up arms to drive the offending monster away before it can cause them harm.


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