Character Creation

Ability Scores

For your ability scores roll 4d6 and drop the lowest dice.

Your comeliness will be rolled separately along with heritage (see below).

Once you have created your character you will be expected to put it up on the wiki so it can be accessed should you not be able to attend a weekly game and maintain it with updates each time you level.

Playable Races

Here are listed the races I would prefer characters to play in this setting. Since your mutual acquaintance, Professor Lorrimor, did get around a lot I will consider other races; however they must not be higher than 15 RP and you must provide reasoning for you playing them. Please be aware that anything outside of human or closely related humanoids is going to be treated with suspicion and prejudice.

As the largest percentage of the population virtually anywhere on Galorian, humans are always a good choice when designing a character.

Uncommon, but not unheard of in Ustalav, elves are subject to a latent prejudice for returning to their homeland after the defeat of the Whispering Tyrant many centuries ago.

Another uncommon race within Ustalav, Gnomes who travel to the eerie land are often in search of seeing and experiencing its bizarre horrors and mysteries.

Half Elf
Half breeds must be careful to hide their heritage from the uneducated and superstitious locals, lest they be confused with something more monstrous like a changeling or tiefling.

Half Orc
Rarities pushed to the fringes of society, Half-Orcs are almost as reviled as their progenitors for their association with the hordes of the Whispering Tyrant.

Ever struggling to stand side by side with humans, halflings are often seen as servant class in cities, but can hope to find freedom and independence in the northern reaches of Ustalav.

Fear for the monstrous daughters of hags, for they shall find no kindness here. Fear runs deep in Ustalav, and only those who can conceal their heritage will have any hope of surviving the iron grip it holds over the people of this dark land.

More common here than anywhere else in the inner sea region, Dhampirs are shunned and pitied for their connection to death. They can expect a lifetime of solitude and rejection from all save perhaps those who share a tainted bloodline as well.

The most despised and savage creature in Ustalav. Even the living dead, the spawn of hags and infernal wretches are preferable. Wherever you go you will be seen as the oppressor that dominated this society for a millennia. Tread carefully.

Acceptable Classes

Please ensure there is at least party member from each group:





*Labels in bold indicate chosen PC classes.

Feats and Traits

The only requirement apart from using official Paizo Pathfinder traits and feats (all 3rd party traits and feats must be specifically accepted by me) is taking at least one of the campaign traits. I’d prefer it if no two characters took the same one, so please confer among yourselves to decide who will take what.

Chance Savior
Inspired by Greatness
Making Good on Promises
On the Payroll
Subject of Study
Teacher’s Pet


Alignments of all kinds will be considered, however if you wish to play an evil character you will need a very good reason that you are willing to work with heroes. If I do agree to such an alignment for you, do not tell the other players; there’s nothing better than a little surprise. Instead put down your alignment as the one you try to pass yourself off as. Please do remember that this game is tailored towards good (ish) characters so if everyone asks to be evil, I will rescind this.


When you have completed your character you can confer with me about rolling on the birthright table. If you are having trouble with a background this is also an excellent opportunity to roll on the background generation tables from the Pathfinder: Ultimate Campaign book.

Character Creation

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