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This page contains people, places and things of significance to the player characters derived from their backgrounds and birthrights.


Kasumi hails from the far off continent of Tian Xia, also known as the Dragon Empires. There, in the mystical pines of the Forest of Spirits, the Kitsune have hidden their small hamlet, Singing Lotus Village. Here, Kasumi’s family and the other mages rule. For her own reasons, Kasumi now finds herself far from her home, leaving behind her twin brother.

Singing Lotus Village
Benefit the World Keep

Serafina Moulot

Her faithful beast: Ambrin

Lady Serafina is the daughter of Baron Emil Moulot, and governs the small keep and surrounding lands of Wight’s Run two days east of Ravengro. She has been involved in several minor scandals since childhood, most recently involving rumors of a current lover, but she has never had any legal trouble. She is a dutiful daughter and ruler, and a doting and lovingly devoted sister to her little brother.

Wight’s Run
Windsong Castle

Zandu Fiendbinder

His loyal companion: Bauble

A scholarly mage, born and raised in Caliphas, with a burning passion (quite literally) for the pursuit and acquisition of knowledge. Too focused on his studies, he has no idea how attractive he really is; though in what little spare time he finds, he is a bit of a risk taker. His mother was an Ustalavian mage and his father a Varisian Bard. He listened to both of his parents when he pursued his current path, heeding his mother’s encouragement to study magic and his father’s sage advice that “words are power”.

Zhi Dunmore

A stunning, free spirited woman and follower of Arshea. At a young age, she was visited by a Celestial Swan, who spoke to her and encouraged her to pursue the path of a Paladin in worship of Arshea. Having outlived her parents by a considerable spread, she has come into the inheritance of Wrayhurst Stronghold and governor-ship of Blackvale Stronghold.

Blackvale Village
Wrayhurst Stronghold

Character Information

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