Recommended Deities: Pharasma, Desna, and Iomadae.

Recommended Domains: Death, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Magic, Repose, Rune, Sun and Travel.

Recommended Skills: Knowledge (Religion), Sense Motive, and Spellcraft.

Nomadic Varisians worship Desna almost exclusively, while most common Ustalavs respect her but pay their truest homage to Pharasma. The Lady of Graves’ faith is particularly strong throughout the nation and has taken on an insular, fatalistic bent seen few other places. Many
of her followers believe that they are fated to experience bad things and that their role is to endure and thus to achieve a fair judgment by their goddess upon their death.

Professor Lorrimor was himself more interested in the pursuit of knowledge than matters of faith, but frequently met with religious scholars throughout the Inner Sea, and always took a healer or two on his many archeological expeditions.



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