Recommended Archetypes: Urban Druid and Blight Druid.

Recommended Skills: Knowledge (Nature), Perception and Survival.

Appropriate Animal Companions: Bear, cougar, falcon, owl, or wolf.

Ustalav is not a land known for its nature-priests, though their presence is more pronounced the farther from civilization one goes in the mysterious land. While native druids are less than common, adherents to the Green Faith often travel to Ustalav to examine the nation’s wastelands, both the residual taint of the Whispering Tyrant’s reign and the war-scarred expanse known as the Furrows.

Many have the idealistic hope of ridding the nation of the foul stain of its former subjugator. These crusaders of the natural world are most prevalent in the southwestern region of the nation, in and around the Hungry Mountains. Savage druids also find themselves drawn to the ancient standing stones that dot the nation and the varied deadly beasts of the Shudderwood.

When Professor Lorrimor had questions on various mysteries and oddities of nature, his druid acquaintances were often the first people he consulted, and many of them became close friends over the years.



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