Recommended Archetypes: Crossbowman, Free-Hand Fighter, and Arms Master.

Recommended Skills: Intimidate, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) and Survival.

Capable fighters can be found across Ustalav, whether as members of local militias, guards, bodyguards in the service of nobles, or trained hunters. Especially along the land’s border, members of the country’s wary military keep careful vigil, knowing that the greatest threats tothe land’s people come from beyond, not within.

The famed dueling fraternities of the University of Lepidstadt are also renowned for their traditions and the pride with which they train some of the most capable fencers in the Inner Sea. Mercenaries make a decent living because their talents are in such demand, whether as guards, caravan escorts, or personal bodyguards.

Professor Lorrimor often found the need for protection or hired muscle, and over his long life, he held many fighters in his employ, both locally and abroad.



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