Half Elf

Half-elf populations are always small throughout the Inner Sea, and this remains true in Ustalav. Minute numbers of such half-breeds can be found in Ardis, Caliphas, and Karcau, though isolated individuals are scattered throughout the nation.

The superstitious and uneducated population of rural Ustalav frequently see the pointed ears, inhuman eyes, and fair features of half elves and mistake them for changelings, tieflings, or other more monstrous half-humans. Such folk then make the offenders’ lives difficult, sometimes even running them out of town. Thus, native half-elves are cautious, and often do their best to disguise their elven traits (see the Integrated alternate racial trait in the Advanced Player’s Guide.)

Half elves from other parts of the world are prone to wandering, however, and many find themselves in Ustalav on their way somewhere else or as a final destination, believing the
ancient land may hold some answer they seek.


Half Elf

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