Half Orc

Half-orcs are an extraordinary sight in Ustalav, and outside the seedier side of Ustalav’s many urban centers, half-orcs are most often found along the nation’s western border.

The Whispering Tyrant ruled Ustalav for nearly a millennium as master of the vast orc hordes of Belkzen, and even a thousand years after the Shining Crusade defeated him and drove his armies back into the wastelands, the residual bloodlines caused by generations of orc attacks on human settlements still pop up in even the most prestigious of families.

Though Sczarni are typically capable of defending themselves and wary of outsiders, some vulnerable caravans have been known to hire the occasional half-orc guard to ensure that
they have the brawn on hand to counter any unexpected resistance from the nation’s darker denizens.

Despite this, half-orcs are seen as monsters by most Ustalavs, and a half-orc in any Ustalavic setting is often the subject of extreme prejudice.


Half Orc

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