As with elsewhere in the Inner Sea region, half lings live and work alongside humans, ever in their wide and ambitious shadows. In Ustalav, half lings are relatively rarer than in the nations of southern Avistan, such as Andoran and Cheliax.


As with similarly statured gnomes, halflings may be found traveling the countryside as part
of wandering carnivals or freak shows, on display for their miniature stature or performing as acrobats or jugglers. Nobles in the more urban cities of Caliphas, Ardis, and Karcau may look to the prosperous nations of Cheliax and Taldor and follow their lead by employing halflings
as servants, ever trying to emulate more extravagant societies.

In the northwestern counties known as the Palatinates, half lings f leeing from the bonds of slavery elsewhere in the world see the emancipated citizenry as an example of the life they wish to live, free from both bondage and the idealistic crusading of liberty-focused Andoran, and they live and work side by side with the free humans of the region’s peasantry.



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