Humans dominate Ustalav’s population, and among them most are ethnic Varisians whose ancestors also called the land home. Whether nobles clinging to the few drops of blood that grant them a claim—albeit a distant one—to the Ustalavic aristocracy, or stoic peasants struggling to make ends meet in the unforgiving countryside, heritage and history are incredibly important to Ustalavs.

All modern Ustalavs feel directly connected through familial ties to the centuries of torment at the Whispering Tyrant’s hands and share an inherited acceptance of a life of struggle and suffering.


Among the populace’s Varisian ethnicity are communities of nomads who travel as far as the Varisian coast, and the wandering Sczarni, who are scorned even by many fellow Varisians for their stereotypical unscrupulous ways. Both unsettled groups are typically considered backward and dangerous, and are thus treated as second-class citizens.


In addition, those humans of Kellid decent are treated with contempt, especially in the north, where they are negatively associated with the barbarian tribes of Numeria, the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, and the fallen realm of Sarkoris. Despite their relegation to second-class citizenship, Kellids are nevertheless common throughout Ustalav, and the monolithic remnants of their shamanistic society from before the arrival of the Varisians can still be found throughout the region.


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