Recommended Archetypes: Bladebound, Hexcrafter, Spellblade and Staff Magus.

Recommended Skills: Intimidate, Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (Dungeoneering) and Spellcraft.

Masters of both spell and blade, magi constantly search for perfection of those arts. This blending of arcane and martial skill often marks them as different, and therefore not to be trusted, with the common populace. However, the siren call of Ustalav’s fabled centers of learning, the arcane legacy of Tar-Baphon’s rule, and a mercenary’s life all draw these individuals to the Immortal Principality.

In Ustalav, magi might come from the ranks of the land’s baroque nobility, many of whom receive a motley education including both scholarship and swordplay, or who indulge eclectic whims. Agents of the country’s various rulers, power players, and organizations—like Thrushmoor’s Sleepless Agency—often cultivate a varied repertoire to help them face the nation’s innumerable and often mysterious menaces.

Professor Lorrimor traveled widely in his exploration of the known world and encountered magi in the field as well as at the universities, archives, and monasteries he often frequented.



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