Recommended Mysteries: Battle, Bones and Life.

Recommended Curses: Haunted, Wasting and Tongues.

Recommended Skills: Diplomacy, Knowledge (Religion) and Sense Motive.

Because the source of their divine powers is frequently misunderstood, oracles are often viewed with suspicion by Ustalavs, especially in particularly superstitious regions such as Barstoi and Versex.

Despite their aversion to these spiritual conduits, when things turn grim—and they often do in Ustalav—oracles are sought out by villagers and nobles alike in need of healing, soothsaying, a
medium’s talents, or other occult services. Many oracles from other parts of the world travel to Ustalav to better understand their own nature, hoping the residual magic of the Whispering Tyrant’s rule or a lost tome in a forgotten library will enlighten them as to their divine purpose.

Professor Lorrimor went through a period of intense study of oracles, during which time he met with many of them, working closely with several.



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