Recommended Archetypes: Undead Scourge, Divine Defender, Hospitaler and Warrior of Holy Light.

Recommended Skills: Diplomacy, Knowledge (Religion), and Sense Motive.

Few locations in Golarion are as in need of paladins as Ustalav. Whether one sets out to vanquish evil and eliminate any remnant of the Whispering Tyrant’s long reign or to heal and bolster the downtrodden Ustalavic citizens weary of their years of suffering, there’s never a shortage of good to be done in the Immortal Principality.

Non-native paladins frequently serve Iomedae and hail from Lastwall, though holy warriors of Sarenrae are also somewhat common.

In his innumerable explorations, Professor Lorrimor uncovered several holy relics and was
often accompanied by paladins of the aforementioned churches. He also had the opportunity to meet paladins while visiting religious archives throughout Golarion.



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