Recommended Archetypes: Infiltrator, Skirmisher, and Urban Ranger.

Recommended Favored Enemies: Aberration, Animal, Construct, Humanoid (Human), and Undead.

Recommended Favored Terrains: Forest, Mountain, Swamp, and Urban.

Recommended Skills: Knowledge (Dungeoneering), Perception, and Stealth.

Appropriate Animal Companions: Bear, Cougar, Falcon, Owl or Wolf.

There are countless threats in the wilds of Ustalav, and a character with the ability to hunt these menaces is highly valued. Whether serving as a guide on the wealthy’s hunts into the wilderness, stalking the ravaged countryside for undead or other monstrous nightmares, or pursuing a criminal on the streets of Ardis or Karcau, a ranger need not look far to find a niche in Ustalav.

Time and again, Professor Lorrimor consulted with rangers regarding terrain and wildlife while planning expeditions or preparing lectures, and he took the best of them with him on especially dangerous expeditions.



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