Ravengro is a small, insular town with a small population of smaller minded people. They like things just the way they’ve always been and anything that upsets the balance of that isn’t welcome.


The locations listed below are marked on the Ravengro map in the Maps tab of this wiki. Do not hesitate to explore… you’ll be here for awhile.

A. Ravengro Town Square
B. The Posting Poles
C. The Laughing Demon
D. Ravengro Town Hall
E. Temple of Pharasma
F. Ravengro General Store
G. Ravengro Forge
H. Jominda’s Apothecary
I. Ravengro Jail
J. The Silk Purse
K. The Outward Inn
L. The Unfurling Scroll
M1. Hearthmount Home
M2. Straelock Home
M3. Faravan Home
M4. Muricar Home
N. Lorrimor Place
O. Harrowstone Memorial
P. The Restlands
Q. Gibs Hephenus’ Shack
R. Harrowstone

GM Only
Rumors in Ravengro


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