Recommended Archetypes: Acrobat, Burglar, Cutpurse, Rake and Thug

Recommended Skills: Disable Device, Knowledge (Local), Knowledge (Nobility) and Stealth.

With as many Sczarni on the streets and highways of Ustalav as there are, it’s not surprising that the nation teems with con artists, pickpockets, thugs, and thieves.

No Sczarni caravan is complete without a number of rapscallions ready to play their role in separating their mark from his money, whether through deception, quick fingers, or violence. Despite the myriad problems plaguing the people of Ustalav, many citizens see the actions of the Sczarni as a pressing concern, and view members with warranted suspicion.

At the same time, with as many mysteries and secrets as haunt the country’s nights, it often falls to skillful investigators, detectives, courtiers, and common folk familiar with the ways of the shadowed streets to bring the truth to light.

Sometimes, in the course of exploration or research, Professor Lorrimor would hire a rogue or two to help defuse traps or procure difficult to obtain information, the most efficient of which he remained in contact with after the job was done.



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