Recommended Bloodlines: Aberrant, Arcane, Celestial, Destined and Undead

Recommended Skills: Bluff, Intimidate and Knowledge (Arcana)

The arcane scars on the land of Ustalav run deep, etched into the very fabric of the nation from centuries of rule by the Whispering Tyrant and his undead armies. As such, it isn’t uncommon for children born in the Immortal Principality to develop inherent spellcasting abilities as they mature.

Near Virlych, where the Whispering Tyrant remains locked in his prison of Gallowspire, sorcerers often have an affinity for the undead, while the ancient Kellid ruins of Versex and Vieland are often blamed when sorcerers in the county manifest aberrant

Elsewhere in Ustalav, sorcerers exhibit signs of celestial influence, perhaps a residuals effect of the forces of good that battled the Whispering Tyrant in the Shining Crusade.

Many sorcerers manifesting these and other bloodlines travel to Ustalav to plumb its ancient arcane mysteries for some idea of their own origins, and for many years Professor Lorrimor was one of the most sought after experts on the subject.



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