Recommended Skills: Knowledge (Arcana), Linguistics, Spellcraft and Use Magic Device

Suspicion and superstition are rampant in Ustalav, and summoners often face the worst of both. Seen as cavorting with strange and evil forces (not to mention their often bestial eidolons), summoners typically have a difficult time existing within Ustalavic society. Those few summoners who do live in the region are often hermits living alone in the wilderness or cloistered academics who rarely venture from their libraries into public.

Given the nation’s varied, unspoiled wildernesses and nearness to the even denser wilds of the north, many summoners inthis region tap into the weird powers of the First World, calling forth never-before-seen feylike creatures from that infinite potentiality. Alternatively, strange dreamers reach out across the gulfs of space and the planes to command unnameable beings, garnering their service, but perhaps also the scrutiny of other unknown entities.

Professor Lorrimor was known to hold a number of summoners in high regard, men and women he consulted on planar matters, and who in turn approached him with particularly vexing questions of their own.



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