Wight's Run

Wight’s Run is a dreary little town focused on getting by day to day from the farms and small logging community that supports it. Wight’s Run is a town that almost has a Chelish air of law and order hanging over it. The guards are swift and brutal to respond to any disturbance of the peace, and the townsfolk have become so rigidly accustomed to this that they only turn to outsiders as sources of trouble and discord.

The town’s most notable establishment is the Black Blood Stallion, which produces world class war horses. In addition there is a well-appointed smithy and a church of Pharasma. Many trappers pass through on their way to the forest and it hosts an inn popular for its spicy drinks and yearly boar roast. What Wight’s Run is best known for though is the Black Blood Stallion; a promising stable that produces magnificent horses often purchased for work as war steeds in Lastwall.

The area of Wight’s Run has been governed by the Moulot family for many years, but has only recently come under the control of Lady Serafina Moulot. The townsfolk are hopeful that she will provide them with stability and leadership, but have become trepadacious due to her frequent absences from the area along with the company she is rumored to keep.


There are a few significant landmarks and figures within Wight’s Run worth mentioning. They are as follows.

The Black Blood Stallion

If a sword makes a soldier, a horse makes a knight and there are no finer horses in Ustalav than those at the Black Blood Stallion; at least so the rumor goes. The Stallion, as the locals call it, is an old establishment carved of ancient oak and wrought iron bars. The smell of musty hay and horse musk fill the air, and the persistent whispers of restless horses echo through the high rafters of the stables.


The horses bred here are sold from Lastwall to Cheliax, and have even crossed the sea to the Osirian markets. The propriter is Markus Craine, a stoic old man with a keen eye for his craft. As the saying goes, his family has been doing this longer than god, and he had hoped to keep it that way. Much to his disappointment though, his son seems to have higher aspirations than breeding horses.

The Tooth and Nail

The Tooth and Nail is a shabby tavern with a graphically depicted image of a vampire being nailed into a coffin on the hanging sign outside. From inside comes the smell of thick spices and the heavy, hoppy scent of beer.

Tavern goers are less than the cream of the crop of Ustalav, but they are a consistent bunch, for lack of a better term. Virtually every patron in the place is human with a smattering of halflings and elf kind thrown in, much like the rest of the town, and the population is just as insular as most of the rest of Ustalav. Tales are spun and rumors flung over mugs of hot beer and fatty mutton shanks.


Vagrim and Sons

The local smithy is run by Vagrim Turnsteel and his two sons Morgrim and Vargud. A family of dwarves, they are the only ones in the entire village, but nonetheless are as proud and boisterous as if they lived beneath the mountains still.


They produce fine blades, armor and other metallurgical goods from their small shop; but mostly make their living from basic blacksmithing tasks like shoeing horses and mending pots and pans. It isn’t a glamorous life, but it is a living.

Wight's Run

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