Windsong Castle

Rising in the distance on a lone hill, a small but stately keep looms darkly. The village seems to bow in its presence, as if attempting to avoid its gaze.


Windsong Castle, in the village of Wight’s Run, is the home of current ruler, Lady Serafina Moulot (daughter of Baron Emil Moulot).

At present, she has a staff of 10 servants, though she couldn’t tell you any of their names. These simple commoners take care of the washing and mending, and see to the other day to day needs of the castle. The butler, Alistair, came with her when she moved to Windsong from her father’s home. He has many years of experience serving the Moulot family, and with her frequent travels abroad, she has left the running of the keep to his care quite often.

A small contingent of three seasoned warriors and two expert crosbowmen serve as the guardsman of the keep.


Windsong Castle

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