Recommended Patron: Any

Recommended Familiars: Bats, Cats, Foxes, Owls, Rats, Ravens, Vipers and Toads.

Recommended Skills: Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (Nature), and Spellcraft.

In most parts of the Inner Sea region, witches are outcast for their strange connection to powerful forces others can’t understand. In Ustalav, however, witches serve an important role as rural healers and spiritual leaders, sometimes traveling between isolated communities where the beleaguered population has little choice but to accept their aid, despite rampant prejudice.

Ustalavic witches are often associated with the ancient Kellid religion, the worship of a mysterious pantheon, and powerful ritual sites scattered throughout the region. Whether a witch’s patron is actually connected with these eldritch forces depends on the individual witch.

Professor Lorrimor has probably had plentiful occasions on which to consort with witches, as he has traveled extensively and uncovered many weird and arcane mysteries.



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