A Theft At Lepidstadt University

The trail of the thief is quite easy to follow – they broke in through the back door, then passed through the auditorium on his way to the workshop where the Seasage Effigy was kept.

Back Door
The back door to the Antiquities Department was originally locked with a superior lock, but it is clear that the door was recently damaged. The thick iron door is currently locked with a makeshift padlock, and only crude repairs have been made.

DC 5-15 Perception
DC 5: The back door was clearly forced open from the outside, and it is plainly obvious to anyone looking at it.
DC 15: Hanging off of the doorknob you notice the remains of a fine silver wire and a tiny bell.

DC 16 Knowledge: Engineering
The iron door is over an inch thick and very solid, and the original lock on it was of fine quality and materials, which would have made it even more difficult. No normal man would have had the strength to break through it.

DC 20 Knowledge: Arcana
The silver wire and the bell are the material components to an alarm spell, which must have been what alerted the guards to the intruders presence, which Crowl had mentioned in his story of the Beast’s intrusion.

DC 20 Survival
Though several people have been through this area, the evidence of tracks made by large, heavy iron-nailed boots is evident outside and entering the building.

Auditorium Doors
The simple wooden door leading from the back door foyer into the auditorium has been broken off its hinges, as has the far door leading to the workshop.

Paneled in oak, the auditorium contains a sunken, 5-foot-deep central area lined with books, tribal fetishes, and curiosities. A small stage and lectern stand in the center of this area, which is edged with a low oak rail, worn smooth from the touch of years of students gazing into the Master’s lecture room below.

DC 10 Perception
You notice the smell of beeswax lingering in the air of the auditorium.

DC 20 Survival
You notice a few deep scratches on the wooden rail.

DC 20 Perception or Survival
Something heavy landed or fell immediately under the railing above onto the tiled floor of the sunken central area.

“Beeswax? Oh, that’s the wood polish the cleaners use. They use that all over the university, but they must have just cleaned in there and the smell hasn’t had much chance to air out. Nothing unusual to fret about, I assure you.”

The high-ceilinged workshop/library is lined with mostly empty shelves, and a trio of great leaded windows looks out over the university lawn. A staggering array of books, scrolls, maps, and curios, including shrunken heads, tribal masks, and bits of pottery, lie scattered all over the floor, apparently pulled from the shelves. The room is otherwise crowded with overturned tables, desks, and cabinets.

DC 18 Perception
Despite the mess in the workshop, you notice that one area of the room appears to be untouched, in start contrast to the damage seen elsewhere in the department. The pedestal that once held the Seasafe Effigy is crowded with small fetishes and delicate mother-of-pearl fish carvings that are undamaged.

DC 15 Perception
The workshops windows have clearly not been opened for many years as evidenced by the build-up of grime around them. However, the center window – though now shut – has no such grime.

The workshop’s center window, though stiff, opens easily, but opening the other windows requires a DC 25 Strength check. If the staff is asked about it, they state that the windows were all shut when they arrived after the crime.

The university guards that responded to the alarm spell came from a room not far from the antiquities department workshop, and it takes just a minute for you to get there, even on foot.

“It looked like it was going crazy… I’ve never seen anything like it. I was scared out of my mind.” Clearly the guards were a little rattled by the experience, but aren’t reluctant to talk about it.

“The senior officer told me to run to get the city guards, and I’m glad we did, or that thing would have definitely killed one of us. It broke Morgan’s arm, the university is collecting donations for a restorative draft to help him out, but it seems to be the least of their worries with the antiquities department in shambles.” The guards all nod and murmur in agreement.

“Care to toss in a crown for his speedy recovery?” Says a young man with a smile and a small wooden box where he seems to be collecting donations for his friend.

Considering what you have learned, what deductions can you draw from the information? Collaborate and work together, write things down and embrace your role as a detective – at least for the moment.

A Theft At Lepidstadt University

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