Arrival in Lepidstadt

Lepidstadt is a small city on the banks of the Lesser Moutray River, most famous for its university and the strange standing outside the city called the Spiral Cromlech.

Recently renovated, Lepidstadt is a bustling, lively city of students and academics, with newly bricked streets, wide plazas, and grandiose structures built from imported wood and stone. Away from the university and city center however, the narrow, winding streets of Lepidstadt show the signs of its age, with dilapidated hovels, crumbling stone walls, and cramped courtyards.


When you arrive in Lepidstadt, the weather is refreshingly mild for Neth, and you find yourselves almost immediately swept up into a carnival-like atmosphere that seems to have overtaken the city.

The walls and lamp posts are covered in news about the Trial of the Beast, which seems to have started not too long ago. As things stand now, it does not look good for the creature. A huge pyre in the shape of a man – Lepidstadt’s famous Punishing Man – has been erected in the main circle outside the courthouse, and locals are eagerly adding fuel to the effigy in preparation for the Beast’s execution.

You know you have two tasks to complete in the city to fulfill the final wishes from Professor Lorrimor’s will – returning the tomes from Professor Lorrimor’s chest to Dr. Montagnie Crowl at Lepidstadt University, and delivering the curious Manual of the Order of the Palatine Eye to Judge Embreth Daramid at her townhouse in the city. First though perhaps, finding some lodging would be best as you anticipate you will be staying at least a few days.

The city offers many establishments that cater to many types of people. The one that catches your eye however is an inn called The Brass Wand that is located in the university district. There is a large open courtyard beside it and an adjoining stable, and tucked into the front garden is a small stone traveler’s shrine to Desna, which has candles and white flowers decorating it.

The interior is warm and inviting, with a somewhat scholastic air to it as you note several students tucked into corners pouring over books with their meals. The other patrons seem to be mostly middle class merchants and arcanists – often the same thing as there are many shops of magical curios in the area.

A young woman with umber hair, creamy skin and freckles stands behind the bar in a simple blouse and blue dress, pouring beer for a kindly older man who thanks her before he goes back to his meal.

Oat Porridge with Brown Sugar and Pecans
Eggs and Smoked Boar Sausage

All meals come with seasonal fruit, a biscuit, butter and jelly as well as a non-alcoholic beverage. There are also pastries for sale in the morning including jam tarts, cinnamon sweet bread, scones and muffins.

Stewed Venison in Hearty Vegetable Broth
Pulled Pork Sandwich
Pulled Chicken Sandwich

All meals come with bread or vegetables, cheese and a beverage of choice.

Stewed Venison in Hearty Vegetable Broth
Roasted Lamb with Herb Seasoning
Baked Chicken in Plum Sauce
Steamed Crayfish in Spicy Orange Sauce
Smoked Shrimp on Homemade Pasta
Baked White Fish in Sweet Lemon Pepper Sauce

Seasonal Special
Braised Bear Flank in Brown Sugar Stout Sauce

All meals come with steamed seasonal vegetables, baked or mashed potatoes, a wedge of cheese, and rye bread with a beverage of choice.

Blackberry Cobbler
Pumpkin Pie
Chocolate Cake

Apple Cider
Virgin Wine
Elven Sweet Wine
White Wolf Pale Ale
“Fat Dwarf” Bitter
Taldoran Brandy
Spiced Shackles Rum
River Whiskey

There are only single rooms available at the moment, but each one is furnished nicely with a wooden post bed, small dresser and a writing desk with chair. The linens smell fresh and there is a small fire in the hearth of each room to ward off the cold winter nights – complete with a bed warmer that can be tucked into the mattress to heat ones feet.

On each dresser there is a pitcher of water and a basin for washing up in, but most surprisingly there is a small lavatory attached to each room complete with indoor plumbing and running water to use in the small porcelain bathtub and toilet.

A menu is labeled with times beside the door as well as a small pull string which presumably calls down to the kitchen for service if one is not feeling sociable or prefers to stay in for the night. Service begins at 5 am and concludes at 10 pm, though fresh water can be requested at any time.

Arrival in Lepidstadt

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