The mighty axe balefire glows with a bright, holy light and shines as brightly as a torch when she is held aloft. The likeness of a stern, and unforgiving angel is carved into the head of blade; the last thing seen by those whom she cuts down.

Balefire is a +2 Greyflame Great Axe

Greyflame: When the wielder spends a swift action to channel energy through the weapon, it ignites with a strange gray flame that sheds light as a torch, increases the weapon’s enhancement bonus by +1, and deals +1d6 damage (as the divine power from flame strike) to creatures struck by the weapon. This flame lasts for 1 round for every d6 of damage or healing the channeling normally provides. When charged with positive energy, the flame is a silvery gray, good creatures are immune to the weapon’s extra damage, and the weapon counts as a good and silver weapon for the purpose of bypassing damage reduction.


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