Information on the Trial

If the PCs are interested in finding out more about the Beast’s trial thus far, they can make Diplomacy checks to gather information or Knowledge (local) checks to hear the following widespread rumors about the trial.

DC 5: Burn the Beast!

DC 10: I hear the trial’s first day detailed a long list pf crimes against the Beast, three of which are to be used as the basis of its execution – burned alive in the Punishing Man, a giant pyre that is even now being raised outside the courthouse!

DC 15: Ha! That fool barrister Gustav Kaple is defending the creature – he can’t even get a whole sentence out without stuttering! The Beast is as good as dead! I’ve heard that the prosecutions case is water tight – murdering those poor children in Hergstag, killing all those swampers in Morast, and burning down good Doctor Brada’s hospice. Hurrah for Prosecutor Otto Heiger!

DC 20: Yes, I’ve heard stories that the Beast has done some kind things too, but it’s plagued Lepidstadt for far too long. Even if it did do those things, that’s just proof that the creature is mad and deserves to be burned!

Information on the Trial

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