Judge Embreth Daramid

DC 10 Diplomacy (Gather Information)
Judge Daramid lives in a fine townhouse in the center of Lepidstadt. She is well respected for her even temper and fairness.

When you arrive at the townhouse, you are greeted by a butler who informs you that Judge Daramid has been expecting you and will see you momentarily. You are left in a room with a richly embroidered red and gold carpet from some oriental land, high backed red velvet chairs and a matching sofa, as well as a large fireplace with leering gargoyles supporting the mantle. There are several paintings on the wall – family portraits most of them. At the far side of the room there is a dark wood cabinet with a decanter of amber colored liquid in it and several glasses.

It only takes a few minutes before Judge Daramid appears, trailing dark robes behind her. She is in her sixties, with gray hair pulled back into a bun and bright blue eyes. She seems very serious, with a no nonsense expression and stern wrinkles on her face.

“I am Judge Daramid… I was beginning to wonder if you’d be coming at all.”


“So… Petros Lorrimor is dead. I always knew this day would come, but I had hoped that for Kendra’s sake he would have ceased his adventures, however… you can’t change what’s in a man’s heart.”

The judge rises gracefully from her chair and goes to look out a now rain-streaked window overlooking the large square outside. She takes a moment of silence to think on the news of Professor Lorrimor’s death, then lights a small candle sitting on an end table before her.

DC 18 Sense Motive
Though she keeps a stoic exterior, there is a sadness in her eyes that hints that perhaps her relationship was, at one time at least, more than professional.

Judge Daramid turns back to you, her piercing eyes flitting from one to another. “Have you completed the tasks requested in the will? Only then will I dispense the money he bequeathed you.”

Judge Daramid graciously accepts the book left to her, though she does not reveal more about it than confirming its title. If the PCs have already delivered the books to Dr. Crowl, then she gives them each 100 platinum each, as stipulated in the will.

“Before you go, I’d ask for a moment of your time. You are in a unique position to perform a very important task… and if Petros trusted you then I may be inclined to do the same… so listen closely to what I have to say.” She sits and she motions for you to do or remain so as well.

“I believe that there is a cancer in Lepidstadt, a darkness lurking behind the shadow of a scapegoat. For many years the people of this city have laid all their ills at the door of a creature known as the Beast of Lepidstadt – murders, thefts, and terror have all be attributed to it… but in truth many of these stories are exaggerations or simply untrue.” She sighs quietly before she carries on.

“Not all people tell tales of the Beast’s cruelty and violence. Some have much different stories to tell – stories of kindness and humanity, and how it rescued loved ones or helped those in distress. Now that the time has arrived for such kindness to be repaid however… no one dares to step forward and challenge the Beast’s reputation.”

She intertwines her long, thin fingers in front of her as pauses for a moment, clearly thinking carefully on how to continue. “Truth and justice are the most important things in the world to me… without them we become no better than beasts ourselves. As things stand now, I do not believe that the beast will receive a fair trial. The people of Lepidstadt have blamed the beast for too much and for too long, and they want it to pay for those crimes – be they real or imagined.”

She turns and looks at all of you in turn before continuing. “In addition… I have some concerns about the nature of the crime it was apprehended committing – a break-in and theft at Lepidstadt University. A creature of even moderate intelligence would know that entering such a place would surely lead to its capture… yet it charged in seemingly without care for its own well being. That is a question no one has answered, and I do not like unanswered questions in my courtroom.”

Leaning back in her chair, she again pauses for a moment. “I cannot however raise such concerns on my own. To do so would show bias, and that is not acceptable. As one of the three judges presiding over the trial I cannot intervene… however, if there were those willing to fight for the truth of this matter, I would sleep much better at night.”

“Those who would speak on the Beast’s behalf must have bravery in spades and silver tongues to match to ensure that if there is more to the Beast’s story, justice will be done. Proving guilt or innocence is not the objective I seek – the truth, and only the truth, matters.”

Again Judge Daramid looks between all of you. “I am prepared to double the sum that Lorrimor left to you should you assist in this trial. This is no small sum of money, for it is no small task I seek from you. As well, you will be on your own in this investigation – I cannot be linked in any way to your activities and if I am questioned about them I will deny my involvement. You will however have my gratitude… so what say you?”

Judge Daramid waits for their replies before sending them off.

“Good. Head to the Lepidstadt Courthouse and register with the court clerks as volunteer defenders for the Beast, and meet with Barrister Gustav Kaple, to offer your assistance to him. He is a good man, but terribly over his head with case and I’m sure he will be more than happy for your help.”

Judge Embreth Daramid

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