The Mist Drake

As you finally reach the far side of the water, dripping wet and chilled, you plant your feet on the pebbly shore of the island and see that once this must have been a mighty fortification indeed. Part of the northern wall of the tower still stands and you can see what little remains of the evening light passing through what were once arrow slits and around the base decaying metal barricades present towards you with twisted, rusted spikes.

You can walk across the marshy shore and around the island to get a better view of the tower, or you can proceed up the rocky embankment and onto the main island. The main part of the island is covered in tall, stiff gray grass with a scattering of loose, white stones amidst it.

As you get a better view of the tower, you can see that there is still some of the stone floor at what used to be its base, but its decay has left a large hole in the middle which surely would be how the drake gets down into its lair. Unfortunately, you don’t see any stairs or ladder leading down, which probably means that it opens into a natural cavern below – perhaps that itself being the reason that the ill fated tower did not survive the ages.

The gaping hole in the base of the tower is about ten across at its widest, and it seems to go on for a great many feet below that for what light shines down only exposes twenty or so feet before the darkness consumes your view. For those who can see into the dark, you believe you can make out the faint line of an underground lake beneath this surface one.

There is a 50 ft. drop down into the underground cavern and the PC’s will under up dropping into the lake in order to reach the waters edge. A successful DC 16 Reflex Save will ignore the first 10 ft. of the fall, and landing in the water causes half as much damage as normal (2d6). Alternatively the PC’s can use a rope to climb down which requires a DC 15 Climb check.

As you descend into the lake you see that the cavern is quite large, with a high vaulted roof and many towering stalagmites jutting up from the depths of the lake towards you. You can swim to the far shore of the water, which without the distraction of the sun, you can see highlighted somewhat by a strange blue glow coming from what appears to be a tunnel that begins on the shoreline.

The glow is eerie and a bad feeling settles into the pit of your stomach as you look upon it, and though it is not the only recess off of the lake, it seems to be the only one that carries with it any hint of the light.


As you walk you eventually come to see that the light seems to be coming from formations of crystals that jut from the walls of the cavern, and fill the air with a soft, reverberating hum. If approached, their tone changes ever so slightly, altering the harmonics in tune with the person closest to them.

DC 16 Perception


The Mist Drake

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